DOG PULLER ルール Dog Puller Rules

世界大会 規定&ルール
World Championship Rules and Predeterminations


These two disciplines are popular competitions all over the world now days.
We are going to develop and add other disciplines to these ones.

ルールブックはこちらよりダウンロード(日本語) →

Please download the rule book from here.(English) →

【1】Puller Running according to the world standards (retrieve from both sides)
Performance time – 90 sec.

競技スペース Competition space
Divide space of 30m×10m  into 3 areas of 10m×10m.

競技内容 About competition

The dog catches the rolling ring and brings it to handler. Results depend on the number of properly picked up pullers. (Ball should be thrown in different direction each time and brought back to handle)

ルール(制限時間90秒) Rules (performance time -90 sec.)

Handler stands with two puller rings in the central start zone ① and throws a puller in one of two directions.


Dog must catch moving puller ring in a catching zone, that is next to the run-out zone ②,and bring it to handler. Handler makes next throw of puller ring in opposite direction. Scores are counted only if dog catches a moving puller ring inside the catching zone and bring it back to handler.

Picture above shows proper ring catch.
無得点のケース Example of situations when points aren`t counted.

When the dog catches non-moving puller.
If dog catches puller before it has crossed the line of running zone.
If handler throws puller ring before the dog has entered start zone.
ビギナークラスの日本ローカルルール Local rules for beginners in Japan

If dog catches moving ring after puller has crossed 10 m mark of run-up zone.(2points)
If dog picks up a non-moving puller after it has crossed 10 m mark of run-up zone. (1 point)

Standard World Championship (2)Puller- Jumping Performance time-90 sec.

競技スペース Competition space


競技内容 About competitions.

The dog must do the maximum number of jumps with a puller capture.
ルール(制限時間90秒) Rules (performance time – 90 sec)


Jump with the capture and separation from the ground of two paws – 1 point.


Jump with the capture and separation from the ground of four paws – 2 points.


Jump without catching or catching without jump – 0 point

競技中の減点行為 Situations for losing scores
If a dog goes outside the lines of the performance zone 10m×10m, it will lose 1 point.

This disciplined was introduced and is gaining its popularity in Japan.

DOG PULLER大会参加の際の注意事項
Requirements for participants.

  • 1.狂犬病予防接種済みであること。狂犬病予防接種済票のご提示をお願いします。
  • 2.混合ワクチン接種済であること。接種済証明書をご提示ください。抗体証明書でも大丈夫です。
  • 3.ヒートの場合、国際ルール規定では出場が認められているので、大会運営者に申告し出場する。
  • 4.犬の体調が良好でない、または怪我をしているなどの場合、無理な参加は控えてください。

  • 1.Participating dogs must be vaccinated against rabies. We ask to bring and show us an official document with vaccinations listed.
  • 2.Combined vaccine is required for vaccination.
     (Bring and show us the document that proves vaccination.)
    You can bring antibody vaccine certificate. All preventive vaccination shots should be done during the year you apply for participation in competitions.
  • 3.In case the participating dog is in season, tell the receptionist. International rules allow the participation.
  • 4.Participating dog must be physically sound. In case of dog`s poor health condition or injure, participance in competitions is not allowed.

ルールブックはこちらよりダウンロード(日本語) →

Please download the rule book from here.(English) →