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It is a sport competition using PULLER.
It was first held in Ukraine in 2012.
It is a new dog sport.

DOG PULLER is a kind of sport where Puller rings are used.
It is a relatively new dog sport, introduced in Ukraine in 2012 for the first time.

1. Purpose of DOG PULLER Our Aim.

2. Classification Categories

3. DOG PULLER Competitions

Our company has obtained an exclusive right to hold Dog Puller championships in Japan and Korea.

DOG PULLER comes in two disciplines – Puller Running and Puller Jumping. These international disciplines helped DP to gain popularity all over Europe.
Each discipline lasts for 90 seconds. During this time contestants compete in beating scores, which are counted for every successful jump in Jumping discipline and every successful fetch in Running discipline. Dog Puller doesn’t require to possess special technics. It is simple, fun and almost for everyone.

Dog Puller Rules

Please download the rule book from here.

Puller came to Japan in May 2014, and has been introduced to a lot of dog owners in this country. DOG PULLER has been chosen to be an official discipline at “Animal World Cup 2020 in Tokyo” and it`s popularity is growing faster than ever before.

The first “Dog Puller World Championship” was held on October 7th 2018 in Prague (the Czech Republic). In September 7th -8th 2019 the Championship took place in Sopron, Hungary and in April 2020 Animal World Cup will take place in Tokyo.

The event will be affordable to anyone, have simple rules and no requirements for special skills. DOG PULLER will have positive impact on you and your dog and give new chance for future. We will be happy to help your efforts to live longer healthy life years together with your beloved dog by providing DOG PULLER event at AWC in Tokyo 2020.

Purpose of DOG PULLER

DOG PULLER allows you to deeply bond with your dog, and improve physical and mental condition of both, dog and owner, by playing with dog training tool Puller.

DOG PULLER will help you deepen communication with your dog, provide all necessary physical activities and daily interactive training, teach obedience, do training without stress, develop dog` s muscles and physical condition.

DOG PULLER is very simple and affordable comparing to other dog sports. It doesn’t require special facilities, equipment or hard preparation process. Everything you need are a will to participate in the event and two Puller rings.


  • Puppies category- the dogs under 12months, height doesn’t matter
  • Mini category – the dogs over 12months, height up to 40cm at the withers
  • Maxi category – over 12months, height from 40cm at the withers
  • Beginners – those who are new in DOG PULLER

※Breed isn’t important for categories. Dogs are divided to categories by referees.

The rules of competitions in Japan were adjusted to beginners and were conducted according to local rules until 2018.
Since 2018 we are following international rules.


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