Precautions when using PULLER for the first time

Jun 01 2023

The most important thing when using a puller is to make your dog interested when they see it for the first time. Among the toys, it has relatively large movements and is made in flashy colors that are easy for your dog to see, so I think it is easy to get interested in it, but some children are afraid of it.
The biggest point is not to give an unpleasant impression in the first impression.
► Actively talk to your dog (encourage) at the timing when your dog is interested and working hard.

〇 Timing of interest.

〇 The timing of chasing.

〇The timing of the bite.

〇 The timing to come back while holding it in your mouth.

〇 Call out [Good! 〕〔good boy! ] [Okay! 〕〔nice! 〕Such.
► What not to do with your first puller

〇Do not throw at your dog.

〇Do not swing in front of your dog’s face.

〇Do not push it into your dog’s mouth.

〇Do not put it on your neck forcibly.
► Other

Carefully read the “Precautions for Use” page.
The puller is a very good toy that allows you to play various games with this one.
By using the puller to share fun playtime with your dog, your bond will grow stronger.
Let’s build a better relationship as a partner who understands each other.
▒ Let’s use a puller!
1. Let’s have a puller!

《Correct way of holding》

Hold it with your dominant hand.
2. Throw a puller!

《Basic Throwing》

(1) Swing above the shoulder.

② Swing straight down to the ground.

(3) Release to shake off the ground.

* Let’s do it with the image of “swinging down and releasing” rather than “throwing far away”.
3. Let’s roll the puller!

《Throwing Posture》

① Look at the throwing direction.

2) Spread your feet forward and backward about shoulder width. Take a step forward with the opposite leg holding the puller.

③ Throw straight so that the center of the body and the direction of throwing are aligned. The toes of the forward foot should be facing the throwing direction.

* Because the puller is made of “light” material, it is very easy to handle. Since the cylindrical shape is a ring, it is easy to grip and hold, so women, children, and the elderly can easily hold and play with it, so don’t worry.
▒ In the case of a pet dog who does not show interest in pullers and feels that they are not good at it
1. Let’s make a trick to get used to the puller!
2. Let’s make a device that seems to be interested in the puller!
For example <Method using treats>

Teach from approaching the puller.

① Place the puller on the ground and put treats in it.
It’s OK if you can eat treats from the puller!

② Throw the puller lightly, approach with your dog, and put treats in it.
Clear if you can eat treats from the puller!

③ See if your dog will move forward and approach the puller.
Throw the puller lightly, clear if your dog moves first and can reach the puller!
(* At this time, the person follows the dog.)
When I get close to the puller, I’ll put treats in the puller.

④ Make the puller more interesting.
・Affix treats to the puller with tape.
– Lightly roll a short distance and let your dog chase after you.
If you want treats, bite the puller, or cling to it, you’ll be cleared!
(When you get attached to the puller, talk to it and praise it together.)

⑤ It’s OK when you start chasing, biting, and doing things!
Play over and over until you get used to it.
If your dog is watching the puller

① Let the person move with the puller.

② Let the puller make various movements that your dog might be interested in.
For example <How people move and attract>

① Slowly move left and right as if dragging on the ground.
It’s OK if you can follow it with your eyes or concentrate on it!

② Make a little sound by rubbing it on the ground.
Listen to the sound, react and see it OK!

③ When your dog sees the puller, slowly raise the height from the ground and move it.
It’s OK if you move slowly or move quickly and start to accept the invitation!

④ Gently roll the puller in the direction your dog is facing (front direction).
It’s OK if you can see how the puller rolls and chase after it!

⑤ Try throwing the puller higher than your eye level in the direction your dog is facing (front direction).
It’s OK if you can see how the puller flies and chase it!

⑥ After rolling the puller, try chasing it together.
Chase them together, and if your dog bites first, it’s OK!
<Method using string>

① Hold the end of the string and slowly move it left and right on the ground.
It’s OK if you start chasing!

② Hold the end of the string and try to move away from your dog.
Chase and catch the puller OK!

③ Place the puller at a distance that you can reach or not reach from your dog, and pull it several times,
Show the movement of the puller.
It’s OK if you start chasing the puller that moves in small steps!

④ Chasing after you, if you add a puller, pull the string and pull it.
When your dog starts pulling the puller, let him win to build confidence.

⑤ It’s OK if you start chasing and biting!
Play over and over until you get used to it.


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