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What is a flyber?

The flyber is shaped like a disc, but it is not a disc. It is a toy for dogs that can be used not only for floating like a disc, but also for rolling, pulling, and floating in water.

When thrown with its convex side, which is shaped like a mountain, on top, it curves and floats.

For basic flying (straight), throw it with the concave side, which is concave, on top. It will float relatively straight.

Features of flyber

1. Although the tooth shape is bumpy, it does not chip or crack and is highly durable. It is also made of a tooth-friendly material that absorbs force as it enters the teeth, reducing damage to the teeth and gums.

2. the design that allows the “flyber” to be easily sucked into the mouth when it falls to the ground, no matter which side it falls on, is highly appreciated by disc dog competitors for practice and upkeep.

Product lineup/flyber(1 product)

Very popular! A new toy made from the same material as the puller. This toy is not a disc. It can be played with the same way as pullers and has the same floating characteristics.

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