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PitchDog is a toy that triggers play, named after the phrase PITCH & GO = bring it.

Features of PitchDog

The PitchDog series is a toy that creates an opportunity to play with your dog.

Its flagship product is the “PitchDog 20 and 30″ ring-shaped toy.

Did you know that since the introduction of PULLER, colorful ring-shaped toys are now all the rage around the world? PitchDog 20/30” is the leader of this trend, a completely new toy with a single, colorful, cute and adorable design.

PitchDog20 and PitchDog30 were created in response to various requests from customers who said they were not at all interested in moving toys, that they could not yet play well with double toys, or that they wanted colorful and cute toys. Let’s play with your dog in style with the “PitchDog” series.

The PichDog series also includes new toys such as the “24” and the “Sport Ball.

Attractiveness of PitchDog20 and PitchDog30

Because it is a single toy (single toy), anyone can easily play with it as a simple toy.
Because it is a single toy, it is also reasonably priced.
Very colorful and stylish design.
The same kind of material as PULLER, so it is relatively durable.
Floats in water, making it ideal for water play.

As with PULLER, we hope to support the extension of the healthy life spans of pet owners and their dogs with this “PitchDog” while having fun “playing” with it.

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