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Very popular in Europe & America!
The puller is a donut-shaped dog training toy.

Use the puller to play with your dog.
By sharing fun playtime,
Bonds become deeper.
As a partner who understands each other,
Build better relationships.

” bring up ”

Running retrieve*

Efficient exercise is possible by using two pullers even in a narrow space. Even beginners can easily roll it, so both you and your dog can enjoy it.

*Retrieve is the act of bringing back a toy thrown by the owner.
《 Tugging 》

Relieve stress without damaging your teeth.
It also activates your brain.
《 Jump & Catch 》

Jumping and catching exercises can be done safely at a good tempo.
《It’s over! 》

When you’re done playing
Put a puller around the dog’s neck and you’re done!
If it’s a puller, it’s a combination of movements
Endless play variations
Short time, high intensity

Because it is a set of 2, you can play continuously,
Stay focused.

It uses not only the body but also the brain a lot, so even a short time is very satisfying.

20 minutes of simple exercise
Equivalent to running 5km.
* “COLLAR company” measurement value
Deepen the bond between dogs and people

“What’s next?” “What will you play?” “What will you do for me?”

You can read people’s feelings and learn how to communicate.
Pullers are so awesome!

・The weight of the puller is only 70 grams. (* per plastic mini)
・As light as an egg, it can float on water.

・If you accidentally eat it (although we guarantee the safety of the ingredients and coloring), be sure to see a veterinarian.
– Highly elastic material that does not damage teeth or gums.

・It is easy to find because it is purple and “visible” even to dogs.
・It is made “odorless” so as not to stimulate the dog’s sense of smell.

・It is made to be hard to break even if you swing it around or pull it.
・Since you don’t have to buy a new one over and over again, it’s safe for your wallet.

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